From South Africa ...The Bottle Cap Man

Hi my name is Mongabi, I'm a Bottle Cap man from South Africa. Some kids don't get to have soft drinks very often, so they save the caps as a special memory of the treat. Thank goodness, otherwise I wouldn't be born! You see, my body isn't made of bones, it is made of bottle caps. I'm a midget compared to my brother – he's a seven foot giant. If you want to make a Bottle Cap Man that big, you need to have lots of friends who can help you collect lots of bottle caps! Click here to find out how to make your own bottle cap man

Did You Know?

Most of the World's diamonds come from here! The diamond on your mothers' ring probably came from South Africa!

Have you seen?

A mountain that looks like a table? We have one that looks just like a table. It's even called Table Mountain you can find it in the city of Cape Town. When clouds gather around its top, it looks like a table cloth has been placed on the mountain.

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