WorldPlay represents an on-going search for fun and imaginative toys that link children together from all over the world. This project is an innovated concept to educate children about other countries through a common theme, their toys.

This amazing photo was taken by Mattijn Stork

We'd love to have your school participate in our efforts. Perhaps your class could submit a toy from your region - or submit art work that reflects your culture or assist us in testing the directions on how to make some of the fabulous toys in our collection. Please share your ideas -we'd love to hear from you.
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See what other classes have contributed:

Toy Project from Randolph New Jersey


Testing the directions of how children all over the world can make these toys is a challenge! Schools like Lewis Elementary in Kennesaw Georgia USA and Horizon School in Atlanta Georgia USA have met the challenge and given us crucial feedback-
School Visits -- see the kids in action creating toys!!

Art Work
Fabulous art as been submitted- to be displayed in our exhibits, in books, and here on our site from schools all around the world.
Art Work -- Check them out- Fantastic drawings from children in Reykjavik, Iceland and Port Elizabeth, South Africa! (heavy graphics on these webpages)

Toy Submission:
Children from the Saltus Grammar School in Hamilton, Bermuda, are busy creating the favorite local handmade toy- Kites!

Photographic Contributions-
Photography -- Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, Georgia USA.